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Hunger Ends at Hurghada

The British palate has been increasingly introduced to more cuisines in recent decades and the latest of these is Hurghada, an Egyptian-themed restaurant that has just opened its doors in Manchester.

Located just off the curry mile - an area already brimming with restaurants from the Middle East and Subcontinent - Hurghada brings new flavours and dishes that, even in an area with as much culinary diversity as this, will delight any adventurous foodie looking for a new taste experience.

What’s on the menu?

Hurghada’s menu focuses on two areas of Egyptian cuisine: Firstly, it features a range of traditional dishes to be found all over the country, such as:

  • Koshari (the national dish),

  • Mahsi

  • Molokia

  • Macaroni Bechamel, which sounds Italian but is in fact an Egyptian take on the concept of macaroni cheese.

  • There will also be common Mediterranean foods such as hummus, falafel and olives to enjoy.

The other element focuses on seafood, as might be expected of an establishment named after a city on the Red Sea coast. There is the traditional Feseekh (a fermented mullet), which is rather like Marmite for Egyptians - they either love it or hate it. But that is just the start.

Other Red Sea fish on the menu include Squirrelfish, Triggerfish and two kinds of Grouper – the Hamoor and the Najil. The latter has a very distinctive red colour and is something of a luxury in the region.

What’s in a name: Why Hurghada?

The Red Sea theme is carried on by the décor and the upholstery. Hurghada is a highly popular beach resort that is extremely popular with European tourists. It is particularly notable for its diving, which offers an exciting chance for people to see the sea life as well as eating it.

In homage to this, Hurghada’s walls are decorated with images of the resort and of the undersea landscape, as well as many smiling divers enjoying their visit. This may be a restaurant, but most visitors will leave with a positive impression of Hurghada and be sure to consider visiting someday.

Hurghada has been opened by Hatem Nahas, whose family has lived in the UK for over 20 years. Seeing a notable gap in the market and aware of the size of the Middle Eastern community in the Manchester area, Hatem has set out to offer something that both appeals to those keen to taste the familiar foods of home and offer something new for the curious food lover.

Come and experience the taste of Egypt

Indeed, the very meeting of Egyptian culture and history on the one hand and modern western tourism experience is what the city of Hurghada itself is all about. Small wonder that Mr Nahas should seek to capture its spirit and flavours in the restaurant with which it shares its name. Come and try it for yourself and enjoy a wonderful new experience.


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